The Ten Commandments

We were given a collection of geometric shapes, a 'visual alphabet' for us to work with. Without altering or adding to the shapes in any way, we were required to illustrate each of the ten commandments.
Only two colours (white doesn't count as a colour), the shapes may be overlapped, repeated and resized to scale.

I won't give them away but to summarize my concept the black triangle represents mankind, with the black square representing 'thy neighbour' and the white sphere the female, or neighbour's wife.


Just found this little drawing that passed me by... it was part of the News of The World project that I did on North Korea.

Woods' Wedding Invitations!

I've just had the pleasure of designing the invitations for my good friends Claire and Chris! The wedding colours are red and ivory and of an english summer garden theme, hence the pimms, strawberries and bunting. I can't wait for the big day!!

The designs are hand drawn although I would have liked to have played around with screenprinting the design with block colours. But the beautiful bride-to-be seemed pleased and that's the priority.