Newspaper Project pt 2: The Publication

For the second part of the Newspaper project we were asked to create a publication, relating to part one in topic. I wanted to move away from the drawings I had been making and do something challenging, and outside of the confines of my desk! As I was working with a theme of propaganda it seemed only natural build something in the outside world; something large-scale and dramatic.
I chose to use the words of someone who had a greater understanding on the subject than myself - Jang Jin-Sung, a North Korean who had worked for Kim Il-Sung before successfully fleeing his regime to the south. Few have survived these attempts, and when Jang Jin-Sung succeeded his poetry on the experiences of his homeland became well known throughout South Korea.
This particular poem of his uses light & darkness as a metaphor for hope for the people of North Korea. This, teamed with the knowledge that North Korea is completely black when viewed from a satellite at night due the the economic crisis, led me to design this piece. The type is supposed to seem like a satellite image of a city at night, but it also looks a bit like fireflies - which I quite like because they are mentioned in the poem.

The process... pasting up with the help of my good friend Chris!

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