Make Your Own Film

Beautiful Cornwall

Here are a few shots from my first roll on the Diana F+, taken in sunny Cornwall. I used Velvia 100 slide film which has proved problematic, alot of the images were overexposed and the colours reverted, so think I'll be changing to 400. I was stoked about these three beauties though... I love the unpredictability of the Diana although it can be frustrating at times!




Segovia inspired postcards

Segovia inspired illustrations

Internet Advertising

One day I was innocently surfing the net when I realised how much irrelevant crap pops up while your on certain websites. Some of the tall claims these adverts made did amuse me... so I decided to make an illustration about it. All the text in the drawing are exactly as the adverts were worded!

As a child I would dream of cats floating on clouds


A pencil drawing inspired by the novel and film The Virgin Suicides... I could never quite decide how to finish this illustration so I just left it as it is...

For the final project I made oversized objects and constructed these three different scenes, which are intended to illustrate the world from a child's point of view.

If you look closely you will notice that I have incorporated my inititials into the bottom left hand corner of every image


I decided to make a diorama of a fast food restaurant. The box, made from cardboard, was approx. 14 x 8 x 11" and the characters about 3-4" tall. I then set them up in different scenes to be photographed. These are the results!